GreenSoft Turnkey Service: Generating Compliance Reports

GreenSoft: A One-Stop Total Solution Provider

When you need environmental compliance reports and due diligence packages without the hassle, GreenSoft Technology is here to help. Our Turnkey Service integrates compliance data services and powerful software to generate compliance reports for REACH SVHC, RoHS-2, and many other regulations. Just send us a Bill of Materials (BOMs) and we’ll do the rest!

Save Time and Money

Once you send us your BOM, we’ll perform the following compliance services:

  1. Perform BOM scrub to show high risk components and suppliers. Derive the best plan to complete data collection from these high risk components/suppliers.
  2. Create a component database by collecting material declaration data for each component (when available) in the BOM. We’ll also collect the documents necessary to demonstrate compliance (such as RoHS-2 CoCs, CMRTs and REACH SVHC CoCs). Your Project Manager will provide bi-weekly status reports.
  3. Conduct a BOM-level substance aggregation and status roll-up.
  4. Deliver a compliance report and due-diligence package including component compliance status and supporting documents. The parts list and the compliance status of each part, along with the associated compliance documents, will be packaged into one ZIP file. An HTML table provides a summary and links to all critical supporting documents.
  5. When you revise the BOM, we’ll update and generate new reports.

A Good First Step

GreenSoft’s Turnkey Service is where many of our customers in need of environmental compliance management begin. If you decide to manage compliance internally by purchasing GreenData Manager software, we’ll give you the data we’ve already collected for you at no charge.

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