GreenData Manager Workgroup Edition with Compliance Disclosure Module

Automate Compliance Declarations for Customer Requests

component disclosureDealing with customer requests for compliance declarations on your products can be a time-consuming and repetitive process. As regulations such as EU RoHS, EU REACH, California Proposition 65, Halogen Free and others get changed and updated, your compliance team must continuously update and maintain your material and substance files. And when customers come back with repeat requests for updated compliance declaration reports, the process can seem unending.

GreenSoft Technology, Inc. provides a solution for component manufacturers to manage their materials and substance database with GreenData Manager Workgroup Edition software with Component Disclosure Module (GDM-WE with CDM).

GDM-WE with CDM provides automatic updates to compliance declaration reports when regulations change, and can automate the fulfillment of customer requests on your company website.

GreenSoft can provide bulk loading of the substance data or the material composition of your components or packages to be stored in GDM-WE with CDM, or your team can manually upload your data through an easy and instant upload process.

Whether you are using GreenSoft’s Data Services or your own internal team to provide your substance and material make-up information, using Full Material Declaration (FMD) information on your packages or components is the best option for component manufacturers to make product-level compliance declarations. By providing FMD data, you will already be covered when regulations get updated, and will be able to eliminate repeat customer requests for updated information.

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Features for Component Manufacturers

GreenData Manager Workgroup Edition with Component Disclosure Module (GDM-WE with CDM) automates your compliance declaration generation and customer request fulfillment process.

GDM-WE with CDM features include:

  • Bulk imports of your materials list with substance make-up information and your components or packages list with material make-up information.
  • Automatic evaluation of the compliance status of your materials for 24 built-in regulations including    EU RoHS, China RoHS, EU REACH SVHC, EU REACH Annex-17, EU REACH Annex-14, California Proposition 65 and others.
  • Data entry accuracy checks by examining the deviation of aggregation of substance weight versus material weight.
  • Exports of Full Material Declaration (FMD) information for your packages or components to Excel, IPC-1752A XML, and IEC 62474 XML.
  • Ability to customize Excel template export files with your company logo, address, and other information.
  • Intelligent change management system that detects when the substance make-up file of a material changes and can export data files for only the components or packages that use the changed material.
  • Accessible by multiple users that share the same material database with real-time changes and edits.
Component Disclosure

Example Component Disclosure Export screen from GreenData Manager WE with Component Disclosure Module

Automate the Customer Request System on your Website

With GDM-WE with CDM you can eliminate the process of fulfilling individual customer requests for component substance data.

The exported Excel files with FMD data from GDM-WE with CDM can be uploaded to your website and then downloaded by your customers, providing an instant high-level of customer support without needing to manually respond to requests.

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