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EU RoHS Additional 4 Substance Restri...

EU RoHS Additional 4 Substance Restrictions Take Effect in July

June 12, 2019|Written by GreenSoft Technology, Inc. Here’s what you need to know about the 4 substances added to EU RoHS starting July 2019 In June 2015, the European Commission announced the addition of four phthalate substances to be regulated under EU RoHS in 2019. The substance restrictions take effect this July for all electrical […]

RoHS-2 Exemptions List for RoHS-2 Com...

RoHS-2 Exemptions List for RoHS-2 Compliance Now Available

July 26, 2018 |Written by GreenSoft Technology, Inc. Available to Download: EU RoHS-2 Exemptions List Under Annexes III and IV of the EU RoHS-2 Directive, producers of electronic equipment may be permitted to apply exemptions to substances restriction thresholds for certain specific uses and applications. GreenSoft has compiled a complete exemption list in a single Excel file of […]

EU Parliament Adopts RoHS-2 Changes o...

EU Parliament Adopts RoHS-2 Changes on Secondary Market Operations

October 10, 2017 |Written by GreenSoft Technology, Inc. EU Votes to Permit the Reselling of EEE and Spare Parts for RoHS-2 On October 3rd, the European Parliament voted to adopt proposed amendments to EU RoHS-2. Under the current RoHS-2 Directive, both the first placement of an electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) product on the market and secondary market […]