GreenSoft Compliance Solution Video

November 8, 2018|Written by GreenSoft Technology, Inc.

See how GreenSoft helps with EU REACH, EU RoHS, Conflict Minerals, CA Prop 65 and other regulation compliance

GreenSoft has created a short new video summarizing our compliance solution for environmental regulations like EU REACH, EU RoHS, Conflict Minerals, CA Prop 65 and others.

Our Data Services process involves matching your parts list with our Component Database to see how many parts we have already collected data for and will be able to instantly deliver to you.

Then we match the remaining parts with our Suppliers Database in which suppliers are ranked by how fast they can deliver data at our request so that we can provide an accurate estimate of how long your collection project will take.

Once our Data Collection team collects the data from your suppliers on your behalf, we validate the data for accuracy and completion, and input it into our GreenData Manager software for reporting.

If suppliers are unable to provide the requested data, we use our Materials Database to analyze the remaining parts and generate the needed compliance statements.

Our method ensures that 100% of your parts will be covered using high-quality data, and results in the creation of a unique Substance Database for your company which you can use to validate parts for other regulations in the future.

View the video to learn more or contact GreenSoft to receive a free risk analysis!

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