A Complete Turnkey Solution for SCIP Database Submissions

Let GreenSoft handle your SCIP Database submissions for you

scipThe new EU SCIP Database submission requirements affect companies of all sizes that are manufacturing, assembling and importing products into the European Market.

Mandatory submissions to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) SCIP portal require extensive data and data analysis on the parts and substances contained within your products.

GreenSoft Technology offers a comprehensive Turnkey SCIP Solution for companies, which provides you with everything you need to meet your SCIP submission requirements. We’ll collect, prepare and submit data to the SCIP portal for you.

No matter what stage of SCIP data collection your company is in, whether you have already collected some or all of the required data, or haven’t started collecting any data at all, GreenSoft’s Turnkey SCIP Solution will take care of your SCIP requirements for you.

Simply send us your Bill of Materials (BOMs) and we will handle the rest. 

Contact us to get started. Or download the datasheet to learn more.

What we need from you

GreenSoft’s Turnkey SCIP Solution allows companies to focus on their core business instead of trying to figure out complicated legal jargon and analyze substance data to meet regulatory requirements.

All we will need from you to get started is your Bill of Materials (BOM) and TARIC codes for the products you sell, manufacture, or assemble in the EU. Then we’ll walk you through how to create an account for the ECHA online SCIP portal and grant us access to submit on your behalf.

GreenSoft will take it from there!

What GreenSoft provides

Once GreenSoft has your BOMs, we will collect Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) data on your parts from your suppliers and validate the data for accuracy. We use direct person-to-person communication rather than portals to ensure all parts are accounted for.

turnkey-diagramThen, as part of our Turnkey SCIP Solution, GreenSoft will:

  Complete the mandatory SCIP data fields for all parts that require submissions to the SCIP Database

  Generate a SCIP Dossier for each BOM (or group BOMs into a single SCIP Dossier for BOMs in the same product family with the same SVHC profile)

  Submit the SCIP Dossiers to the ECHA online SCIP Database portal on your behalf

Plus, GreenSoft keeps you covered for the long-term. We scan for changes on parts with reportable SVHCs on an ongoing basis, and update any affected SCIP Dossiers to submit to the SCIP Database monthly.

Data privacy and security

Submissions to ECHA’s online SCIP Database portal require companies to disclose the articles and locations of articles within their products, as well as the hierarchy of their BOMs, which puts companies at risk of having their data and trade secrets exposed if the central database is ever breached or if regulations change and the database is made public.

GreenSoft’s Turnkey SCIP Solution includes a unique article ID system to keep your trade secrets private. We generate a displayable name for articles that we submit to ECHA’s online SCIP Database portal, providing ECHA with the required component information, article location, and BOM hierarchy without exposing your sensitive data.

Contact us to get started. Or download the datasheet to learn more.

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