New! Component Disclosure Module for Component Manufacturers

October 30, 2019|Written by GreenSoft Technology, Inc.

A Comprehensive Solution to help Component Manufacturers manage their Material Databases

component disclosure module

There’s a new tool available for component manufacturers who need to track material substance data and respond to customer requests for data.

GreenData Manager with Component Disclosure Module (GDM w/ CDM) software allows manufacturers to establish a company-wide material database with substance makeup data, so that you can automate the management of your package and component data, and easily handle data updates and regulation changes.

  • Eliminate the need to re-issue compliance declarations every time a material changes or a regulation is updated.
  • Evaluate the compliance status of your materials for 24 built-in regulations including EU RoHS, EU REACH SVHC/Annex-17/Annex-14, California Proposition 65, EU POPs, and China RoHS.
  • The intelligent change management system will track the changes of every material, and propagate those changes to the final Full Material Declaration (FMD) data for package codes or component part numbers.
  • Export package code or component part number FMD data into Excel, IPC-1752A XML, and IEC 62747 XML formats, with your own company logo, address, and other information included on the export template.
  • Receive data entry accuracy checks by examining the deviation of aggregation of substance weight versus material weight.
  • Allow multiple users to access a shared material database with real-time changes and edits.

The current challenge for Component Manufacturers

Component manufacturers face a unique challenge in dealing with the substance data of materials in order to provide compliance declarations to customers.

As regulations such as EU RoHSEU REACH (including the new EU REACH SVHC SCIP database), California Proposition 65, EU POPs, and others get changed and updated, your compliance team must continuously update and maintain your materials database. And when customers come back with repeat requests for updated compliance declaration reports, the process of providing customers with data can seem unending.

Establishing a Full Material Declaration (FMD) database is the best practice for component manufacturers to reduce the burden of providing updated compliance declarations to customers when regulations are changed.

Instead of providing individual compliance declarations for each package or component, give your customers FMD data and eliminate the need to re-issue compliance declarations every time a regulation is updated.

But how do you organize the substance make-up data that you have collected from your materials suppliers into an easily managed FMD database? How do you maintain the database to deal with updates and changes? How do you keep up with the constantly changing regulations? And how do you generate the package or component data to provide to customers?

GreenData Manager with Component Disclosure Module (GDM w/ CDM) software can enable you to meet your data management goals while reducing your manual burden.

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