GreenSoft Environmental Compliance Data Services

If your company needs to comply with global environmental regulations such as EU RoHS-2, REACH SVHC and others, GreenSoft is here for you. We will collect compliance data on parts and assemblies from your supply chain for you, and we provide 100% data coverage. GreenSoft’s environmental compliance Data Services focus on cost-saving and high-quality data.

As environmental compliance regulations change and new regulations are introduced, compliance becomes more complex. The best solution is to manage declarations by collecting Full Material Declaration (FMD) data. When needed, GreenSoft can even create material declarations based on drawings of your custom/built-to-spec parts.

GreenSoft can help with:

Learn how we can help with your company’s environmental compliance:

Database-Centric Solution

GreenSoft is a database-centric company. Our Data Services solution focuses on utilizing our existing databases to minimize data collection and project length.

We maintain several databases with up-to-date validated information, which we leverage to increase our customers’ project completion rate.

  • Components Database – a database of commodity parts with compliance data and documents for EU RoHS-2, EU REACH SVHC, California Proposition 65 and other regulations, as well as Full Material Declaration (FMD) data.
  • Suppliers Database – a database of suppliers, including end manufacturers as well as distributors and resellers. Our Suppliers Database contains contact information for each supplier and supplier ratings for their effectiveness, comprehensiveness and speed in responding to requests for compliance data.
  • 19-Category Recommended Supplier List – a database of replacement suppliers covering the entire electronics manufacturing space. This list provides valuable information curated by GreenSoft on reliable suppliers who provide complaint parts with proper documentation.
  • Materials Database – a database of materials with compliance data on raw materials such as metal base, finish/plating, organic materials such as plastics, rubber and PVC. We use our Materials Database to provide material assessments of the compliance status of parts when suppliers cannot provide a compliance declaration.

Hands-On Data Collection

When parts don’t match with our database, our Data Collection Team will contact your suppliers directly via email and phone to obtain compliance information.

Our Data Collection Team can communicate in multiple different languages, and will follow-up with suppliers as many times as it takes to obtain complete and accurate data.

Your suppliers will be provided with individual contact information for the members of our Data Collection Team that are working on your project so that they can reply with the requested information via email rather than having to log into an online portal to submit information.

GreenSoft’s Standard Data Collection Package for Environmental Compliance Management:data quality guarantee

  • BOM Scrubbing/Parts Cleansing (correct manufacturer names, part numbers, descriptions)
  • Lifecycle Information (NPI, Active, NRND, EOL, Obsolete)
  • RoHS-2 and REACH Compliance (status, replacement PN, CoC)
  • Full Material Declaration Data when available
  • AQL of 0.10 for a data quality of 99.9% accuracy
  • 100% data coverage/completion rate
  • Reports can be provided in multiple formats including Excel, IPC-1752, IPC-1752A, IEC 62474, BOMcheck, IMDS, eCMA, ChemSHERPA, and other formats

GreenSoft also offers:

  • Creation of material declarations based on drawings of your custom/built-to-spec parts
  • Conflict Minerals compliance due diligence
  • Lead-free manufacturing data, tin whisker mitigation parameters per iNEMI specifications
  • Compliance documents for PFOS/PAHs/Halogen-free/Ozone Depletion and others
  • Services like taxonomy review, drawing matching, and attribute extraction

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

compliance data collection

We stand behind the quality of the data gathered and reviewed by our data collection team in China.

  • GreenSoft has been helping manufacturers with environmental compliance for over 20 years.
  • Our parts database contains over 89 million parts from over 49,000 suppliers, including 10 million parts with Full Material Declaration (FMD) data, and is continually updated and maintained.
  • Our Data Collection team contacts your suppliers directly and validates the received data. If requested, GreenSoft will provide a package listing all communications with your suppliers.
  • Optional Data Maintenance Service will update parts to reflect changes in regulations and lifecycle.

Best Practices

Managing RoHS-2/REACH/SVHC compliance demands time and resources. Read how GreenSoft solutions can enhance a series of established RoHS-2/REACH/SVHC management best practices.

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