Best Practices for Green Compliance Management

Working with our customers, GreenSoft has developed a series of best practices for environmental compliance management. By using GreenSoft’s Data Services and GreenData Manager compliance data management software, companies can increase efficiency and reduce risk.

1. Data Cleansing/BOM Scrubbing 

Most product BOMs are “dirty,” consisting of duplicate, incomplete and incorrect part data. Data cleansing is the foundation of successful green compliance management.

BOM scrubbing involves verifying the consistency and accuracy of manufacturer names and part numbers and the integrity of all line item information. 

Leverage GreenSoft’s database of over 89 million part numbers from over 49,000 manufacturers worldwide. Start by sending GreenSoft a parts list for a free scrub/risk analysis today.

GreenSoft data services and software can help with Data Cleansing/BOM Scrubbing:

Data Services GreenData Manager (GDM) software
Our first step is to scrub a parts list or BOM. Get started today with a free scrub/risk analysis! When revising a product with ECOs, use GDM to generate a list of the newly added components needing data collection and compliance validation.

2. EU RoHS and EU REACH Data Collection from Suppliers

Collecting compliance information from suppliers for RoHS-2, REACH, and other regulations is a tedious and resource-intensive job, especially as regulations change. It takes numerous phone calls or emails; suppliers often do not understand aspects of regulations such as REACH SVHCs and Conflict Minerals; and suppliers sometimes demand a rationale for sharing information.

Based on GreenSoft’s years of experience in collecting life-cycle, compliance, and material composition data for a wide range of declarations, GreenSoft recommends collecting full disclosure material (FMD) information so you’ll be ready for any changes without having to recontact your suppliers.

GreenSoft data services and software can help with Data Collection from Suppliers:

Data Services GreenData Manager (GDM) software
Leveraging our supplier relationships built over many years, GreenSoft do all the leg work in communicating with your suppliers and collecting and validating the compliance documents and data so you can focus on your core competency. GDM is continually updated to reflect regulation changes, and the Auto-Download feature can automatically deliver updated information to software stored securely on your server.

3. Data Validation and Format Conversion

Compliance data submitted by suppliers often contains many errors. GreenSoft will validate your supply chain compliance data and documents through a rigorous QA process. When errors are found, GreenSoft will follow up with the suppliers diligently for clarification and correction

Suppliers submit their data in a wide range of formats. It is necessary to unify substance data in the same format so that the data can be aggregated, made readable, and exported as a report. GreenSoft’s Data Services will ensure that your data is accurate. GreenSoft is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

GreenSoft data services and software can help with Data Validation and Format Conversion:

Data Services GreenData Manager (GDM) software
A combination of automated tools and real people validate your data. We then standardize and validate the data against our database of part numbers, CAS numbers, and other information. GDM software allows the import of various formats such as Excel, GreenSoft PartData XML, and IPC-1752/1752A XML, and converts the information to a standard format (GreenSoft PartData) which can then be aggregated and exported to various format such as IPC-1752A XML and IEC 62474 XML.

4. Product-Level Compliance Validation/Declaration

Compliance data alone can’t provide the actual compliance status of your products.

Sophisticated analysis is necessary to manage exemption updates, determine BOM compliance status and whether 2nd sources are required, and provide all this information in a declaration report.

GreenSoft data services and software can help with Product Level Compliance Validation/Declaration:

Data Services GreenData Manager (GDM) software
Our team of Project Managers are experts in analyzing compliance status based on compliance data.

During data collection, you and your PM will review the overall status of data collection, obsolete or non-compliant parts, and other issues.

Our Data Maintenance program delivers regular updates on changes to your parts’ chemical composition or lifecycle.

GreenData Manager software has built-in tools to help you analyze your product level compliance:

– Import BOMs through simple Excel/flat file import

– Support Auto BOM Import through external folder exchange with your ERP/PLM

– Generate product level compliance reports on your BOM for either homogeneous material level regulations (EU RoHS, China RoHS) or article level regulations (REACH SVHC, REACH Annex-14)

– Produce due diligence reports for RoHS-2 with compliance data and technical documents per IEC EN 63000 specifications

5. User Defined Rules or Regulations

GreenSoft always recommends collecting full material declarations (FMDs), and this data is particularly useful when your compliance requirements go beyond RoHS or REACH, such as filling out an IBM PCD or compliance with SONY SS-00259 or Samsung 0QA-2049.

GreenSoft will use FMD data to check compliance on customer-specific rules. If FMD data is not available, GreenSoft will collect the Certificate of Compliance (CoC) from suppliers per the requirements of restricted chemicals from these customer-specific rules. GreenData Manager software will then be used to roll up the compliance status and generate compliance reports for these customer-specific rules.

GreenSoft data services and software can help with User Defined Rules or Regulations:

Data Services GreenData Manager (GDM) software
GreenSoft will collect FMD data whenever possible in order to check compliance on customer-specific rules; and will collect CoCs from suppliers if FMD data is not available. GDM software will roll up the compliance status and generate compliance reports for customer-specific rules.

6. Product-Level Substance Disclosure

Declaration requirements are becoming highly complex. Governments and companies up the supply chain are asking for a wide range of information, including product-level substance disclosures.

GreenData Manager can generate a list of all substances used in a product, provide a roll-up by weight and ppm for each substance, and export the disclosure to Excel, IPC-1752 or IPC-1752A XML.

GreenSoft data services and software can help with Product-Level Substance Disclosure:

Data Services GreenData Manager (GDM) software
In order to generate the Product-Level Substance Disclosure, you would need to collect as much FMD data from your suppliers as possible. GreenSoft will help you in collecting such FMD data from your suppliers. GDM will examine the substances from each component and aggregate the data at the product level.

GDM can then generate a product level substance disclosure report at the article level, reporting on the unique list of substances used in the product; or GDM can generate a product level substance disclosure report at the homogenous material level, reporting on the substances used in each part.

Both reports can be exported in Excel, IPC-1752 V1.1 XML or IPC-1752A XML format.



Because the environmental compliance requirements placed on manufacturers are continually changing, it is always best to collect full material data so you have all possible information to comply with these changes.

The data needs to be reviewed and validated for accuracy and completeness, and then stored in a data management system that allows for conversion and reporting.

GreenSoft provides a powerful solution for environmental compliance. Our Data Services include data collection and validation and delivery in a variety of formats. Our GreenData Manager software provide the functionality needed to manage and report on the data, and keeps your information securely stored within your facility. GreenSoft’s Turnkey solution provides another option: GreenSoft will collect data for your BOMs, generate reports for you, and provide continual updates to your data and reports.

Get started today with a free scrub/risk analysis!

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