EU REACH Compliance Will Affect Your Company

When you need to comply with environmental regulations such as EU REACH, GreenSoft Technology is here to help.


The REACH regulation applies to thousands of substances that are present in electrical and electronic equipment. REACH compliance affects companies of all sizes and requires manufacturers to have detailed knowledge of the substances present in their products. 

Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs), a subset of REACH, are the most hazardous and harmful substances and are highly regulated. The REACH SVHC list grows and changes every six (6) months.

Additionally, as of January 5, 2021, producers and importers of articles in the EU will be required to provide detailed information on the presence of SVHCs within their products to a new “SCIP” database currently being developed as part of the EU’s recast of the Waste Framework Directive.

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A Roadmap for EU REACH Compliance

GreenSoft helps electrical and electronics manufacturers manage REACH compliance with:

  • REACH Data Collection. We’ll collect REACH SVHC statements and full-disclosure chemical data for your components from your supply chain.
  • REACH Data Validation. Our Data Team will validate your parts data for accuracy and completeness using a combination of automatic and manual reviews.
  • Replacement Parts. GreenSoft will help identify non-compliant parts and find second sources, and helps find replacements for non-compliant components. 

Data Management Services

The GreenSoft Difference

GreenSoft has been helping manufacturers around the globe manage their compliance data for over 18 years by providing Data Services and the award-winning GreenData Manager software.

To cut down on data collection time for our clients, we check to see if the compliance data for your parts and components is already in our extensive GreenSoft Component Database. We keep our database continually updated so that we’re always working with the most up-to-date parts data and regulation requirements.

For parts that don’t match with our database, our Data Collection Team will contact your suppliers directly as many times as it takes to obtain complete and accurate data.

We have a broad range of expertise in active and passive components, electrical and mechanical parts, packing and printing materials, and raw materials including gas and chemicals. GreenSoft is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001 certified.

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