Complying with EU RoHS

eu-rohsIf you’re a manufacturer that needs to comply with global environmental regulations such as the EU RoHS directive, now known as RoHS-2 or RoHS Recast, or the UK RoHS regulations, GreenSoft is here to collect compliance data on parts and assemblies from your supply chain for you. We focus on cost-savings and high-quality data.

The key to RoHS compliance is having complete, accurate, and current data on all components within your affected products. Collecting and verifying this data for the continually changing green compliance requirements is laborious and time-consuming. And suppliers in your supply chain can be unresponsive or hard to communicate with during data collection.

GreenSoft solves these problems by utilizing our extensive and up-to-date component, supplier, and materials databases to match with your parts list. And for parts that don’t match with our database, our Data Collection Team will contact your suppliers directly as many times as it takes to obtain complete and accurate data.

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GreenSoft Data Services for RoHS Compliance

Data Management Services

  • We’ll provide 100% coverage on data collection for compliance regulations so that you can show due diligence while still focusing on your core competencies.
  • We validate your data for completeness and accuracy using our stringent quality system that combines automated checks and manual review to ensure data quality of 99.9%.
  • We cut down on data collection time by using our extensive GreenSoft Component Database containing continually updated parts data.
  • For parts that are not in our database, our Data Collection Team will personally contact each of your suppliers as many times as it takes to obtain the requested data.
  • For suppliers that fail to provide the necessary data, we will assess component compliance through analyzing material descriptions on drawing files, or recommending replacement suppliers, or Lab Testing for last resort.
  • We deliver the component compliance data to you in any format you need including Excel, IPC-1752, IPC-1752A and IEC 62474 formats.

RoHS Recast and CE Mark

  • RoHS-2: The RoHS Recast (RoHS-2) applies to the original 8 categories of the RoHS Directive and has added medical devices since July 2014. In-vitro medical devices were added in July 2016 and industrial monitoring and control equipment were added in July 2017.
  • Incorporates new CE marking per IEC EN 63000 requirements, which includes keeping technical documentation for 10 years, updated annually.
  • RoHS-3: In 2015, four substances were added to the restricted substances list under Annex II of RoHS-2, taking effect in 2019 or 2021 depending on the type of equipment. The RoHS-2 regulation with the four new substances is sometimes referred to within the compliance industry as “RoHS-3,” although it is still officially considered the RoHS-2 regulation by the European Commission. 

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