EU RoHS and EU REACH Compliance Data Management

The key to EU RoHS and EU REACH compliance, and other environmental regulations, is having complete, accurate, and current data on all components within your affected products.
Meeting the continually changing green compliance requirements is laborious and time-consuming. And suppliers in your supply chain can be unresponsive or hard to communicate with during data collection.

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EU RoHS Recast and CE Mark

  • RoHS-2: The RoHS Recast (RoHS-2) applies to the original 8 categories of the RoHS Directive and has added medical devices since July 2014. RoHS-2 will soon add in-vitro medical devices (July 2016) and industrial monitoring and control (July 2017). 
  • Incorporates new CE marking per EN 50581:2012 requirements, which includes keeping technical documentation for 10 years, updated annually.
  • RoHS-3: In 2015, four substances were added to the restricted substances list under Annex II of RoHS-2, taking effect in 2019 or 2021 depending on the type of equipment. The RoHS-2 regulation with the four new substances is sometimes referred to within the compliance industry as “RoHS-3,” although it is still officially considered the RoHS-2 regulation by the European Commission. 

GreenSoft Has the Solution for EU RoHS Compliance

Reliable data reduces the time and cost of compliance management. GreenSoft’s expertise in RoHS and REACH data collection can help solve your compliance challenges. GreenSoft will:

  • Identify RoHS compliance status of your BOMs from various regions
  • Identify exemption status and replacement PNs for non-RoHS-compliant part
  • Collect Certificate of Compliance (CoC)
  • Collect Lab Test Reports
  • Collect full material composition data in any format, including PDF, Excel, IPC-1752 XML or IPC-1752A XML

EU REACH Compliance & Your Company

Companies of all size are subject to the EU REACH regulation, which applies to thousands of substances that are present in electrical and electronic equipment. REACH compliance requires manufacturers to have detailed knowledge of the substances they use or are present in their products. 

Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs), a subset of REACH, are the most hazardous and harmful substances and are highly regulated. Products containing REACH SVHCs may not receive authorization if a safer alternative exists. The REACH SVHC list grows and changes every 6 months.

Addtionally, as of January 5, 2021, producers and importers of articles in the EU will be required to provide detailed information on the presence of SVHCs within their products to a new “SCIP” database currently being developed as part of the EU’s recast of the Waste Framework Directive.

A Roadmap for EU REACH Compliance

GreenSoft helps electrical and electronics manufacturers manage REACH compliance with:

  • REACH Data Collection. Collect REACH SVHC statements and full-disclosure chemical data for your components.
  • REACH Data Validation. GreenSoft conducts extensive data validation procedures including manufacturer names and part numbers, CAS numbers against chemical names, component weight versus aggregated chemical weight, and many others.
  • Replacement Parts. GreenSoft will help identify non-compliant parts and find second sources, and helps find replacements for non-compliant components. 

GreenData Manager Software

GreenData Manager software, winner of the SMT VISION Award for Design Software, is the most powerful RoHS and REACH compliance management software on the market. Manage and store your parts data, and generate compliance reports. Learn more.

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