Detailed White Paper on the New RoHS-2/CE Mark Requirements

December 23, 2014|Written by GreenSoft Technology, Inc.

We have published a new White Paper reviewing the technical document requirements for EU RoHS-2, which is now necessary to obtain a CE mark.

EU RoHS-2 Technical Documents for CE Mark also offers recommendations about the qualifications of compliance documents to prepare the technical documents for RoHS-2 based on our experience in collecting various RoHS compliance documents from suppliers.

The key to managing the technical documents for RoHS-2 is in the supplier declaration and/or contract agreement. GreenSoft provides different categories and subcategories to help classify the level of strength for each type of declaration.

In GreenSoft’s experience, to compile the technical documentation to demonstrate compliance with substance restrictions (RoHS 2) to affix the CE Mark, you would need to have a combination of the supplier declaration such as the CoC document/PoC document, and the material composition declaration data/lab test report.

Access the full white paper from our White Paper Library.

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