What is the Difference Between GreenSoft’s Compliance Solution and Others?

August 22, 2017|Written by GreenSoft Technology, Inc.

The GreenSoft Advantage

compliance data collectionWhen evaluating services or software solutions to help with product compliance, it is important to consider the data quality and data coverage of the solution. Some options such as online compliance platforms or online compliance databases provide only a partial solution.

GreenSoft Technology offers a comprehensive solution combining Data Services and GreenData Manager software to guarantee data quality and provide full data coverage.

The information and comparison chart below explain how GreenSoft’s data services and software offer a more comprehensive solution at every level than the alternatives.

Other Types of Compliance Solutions

data servicesOnline compliance platforms are essentially just supplier portals. An email must be sent to your suppliers with a link to the online portal and the suppliers must take it upon themselves to submit the requested information online.

The data is stored all in one place in the online compliance platform for you, but the data is not verified for accuracy or completeness, and is not converted into all the necessary formats for reporting. Nothing guarantees that your suppliers will submit the requested information and there is no process for data coverage on the remaining parts that suppliers don’t submit information for. The end result is that your completion rate will be low and the data quality will be poor.

 compliance solutionsOnline compliance databases are databases with compliance information on common components that you can pay to search through and download the information for any of your components that are included in the database. This is only a partial solution as it is likely that not all components on your Bill of Materials (BOM) or parts list will have data available in the online compliance database, and there is no process for data coverage on the remaining parts.

Additionally, the larger the database, the more likely it is to be outdated. The freshness of the data is essential for the information to be useful to you, and it is nearly impossible to maintain the freshness of data in databases that have hundreds of millions of parts. Regulations change regularly so an online component database must be updated more often than they usually are in order to be of value to you. Using an online component database, you’ll find that your project completion rate will be low and the data quality will be outdated for many parts. Having a lack of complete coverage on the parts in your BOMs and having outdated compliance data will cause you to be unable to perform product level compliance reporting, which may impact your ability to sell products in certain countries.

GreenSoft Data Services, Turnkey Services, and GreenData Manager Software

greensoftGreenSoft’s one-stop comprehensive solution takes care of all these issues for you and covers the limitations that other solution platforms don’t address.

  • We contact your suppliers for you as many times as it takes to obtain complete and accurate information. In our experience, it takes an average of four (4) contact attempts with each supplier to obtain all the necessary information. When regulations change and new substances are added, we take the initiative and contact your suppliers for the newly required information.
  • green data quality guaranteeWe provide 99.9% Data Quality by validating the collected information for completeness and accuracy using our intensive system of automated and manual checks.
  • We provide Full Data Coverage on your BOM or parts list. If suppliers are unresponsive, we will help source alternative suppliers who have demonstrated a history of compliance, or we will perform a Materials Assessment or Risk Assessment as needed. We can assess the compliance of the component based on the material drawings, or we can evaluate the risk level of the component by researching the compliance records of similar components. As a last resort, we will help arrange lab testing to obtain compliance information.
  • Your dedicated Project Manager will provide you with bi-weekly project status updates, will monitor regulations to let you know of any updates or changes that you need to be aware of, and will let you know ahead of time when any regulation exemptions you are using are about to expire and your components are going to become non-compliant soon.
  • Compliance data and documents are stored in our award-winning GreenData Manager software and your data will be converted into required formats for reporting and export.

Solution Comparison Chart

When comparing side-by-side, there is no match for GreenSoft’s comprehensive compliance solution. At every level, GreenSoft provides a superior solution that provides more coverage than online compliance platforms or databases.

To learn more and view the comparison chart, click here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us online or at +1-323-254-5961.

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