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August 25, 2020Written by GreenSoft Technology, Inc.

Learn how GreenSoft’s SCIP Database Solution can help you meet the January 2021 deadline

scip-service-briefThe deadline for submitting dossiers to the EU SCIP Database is rapidly approaching. Affected companies are expected to prepare and submit SCIP dossiers in a very short period of time.

Will companies have enough time to:

  • Identify which parts/articles in their products contain reportable Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs),
  • Request detailed article, substance and material information from suppliers,
  • Identify and categorize each article and material,
  • Provide details on the location of these articles within the product being placed on the market,
  • Package this all up into a SCIP dossier, and
  • Submit it to the ECHA SCIP database online portal by January 5, 2021?

The answer is a very surprising YES! If we act quickly!

This Service Brief White Paper will tell you how GreenSoft’s SCIP Database Solution can get you where you need to be – and get you there faster than you might expect.

Download the Service Brief from our White Paper Library to learn more. Plus, register for our SCIP Solution Webinar on October 15.

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