Additional RoHS Expiration Dates Have Been Extended

May 4, 2020Written by GreenSoft Technology, Inc.

Several additional EU RoHS exemption expiration dates have been temporarily extended while EU Commission deliberates

eu-rohsIn March, the European Commission opened multiple exemption expiration extension reviews to the Annex III and Annex IV lists of EU RoHS exemptions, which we reported here.

Now several more exemptions in Annex III have been temporarily extended while the EU Commission considers exemption renewals requested by industry stakeholders

If the EU Commission approves the renewal request for the exemptions, a new expiration date will be assigned to each renewed exemption at that time. Should the EU Commission decide against extending an exemption under review, a new expiration date will be provided which will be no earlier than 12-18 months from the decision publication date. The EU Commission could also choose to extend the exemptions with a modified scope or application, while also providing new expiration dates.

For product categories that are not impacted by the renewals, the existing expiration date remains in effect.

We have compiled the latest exemptions that the EU Commission is considering for renewal in the table below. For a more detailed table with substance descriptions and expiration dates for each category 1 through 11, download the full EU RoHS Exemptions List compiled by GreenSoft.

EU RoHS Exemptions Under Consideration for Renewal
Annex III (Standard exemptions)

Exemption Reference Exempted Substances Impacted Product Categories Renewal Request Date
1f Mercury 8 (excluding In vitro), 9 (excluding Industrial) January 20, 2020
2b3 Mercury 8 (excluding In vitro), 9 (excluding Industrial) January 20, 2020
2b4 Mercury 8 (excluding In vitro), 9 (excluding Industrial) January 20, 2020
3a Mercury 8 (excluding In vitro), 9 (excluding Industrial) January 17, 2020
3b Mercury 8 (excluding In vitro), 9 (excluding Industrial) January 17, 2020
3c Mercury 8 (excluding In vitro), 9 (excluding Industrial) January 17, 2020
7a Lead 8, 9 January 6, 2020
24 Lead 1-10 January 10, 2020

Information on the exemptions can be found on the EU Commission website here. The last prior batch of EU RoHS exemption updates was in March 2020.

GreenSoft keeps track of RoHS exemptions for you

GreenSoft maintains a compiled list of the EU RoHS Exemptions in order to perform EU RoHS Data Services for our customers and to keep our GreenData Manager software up-to-date. We also make this list available online to the public for your convenience and reference.

Our compiled EU RoHS Exemptions List has been updated to include the recent changes by the European Commission. You can download the updated EU RoHS Exemptions List here.

Updates and exemptions to regulations occur regularly. With the status and timing of exemption extensions unknown, keeping track of the various dates and exemptions is a time-consuming task.

Affected companies using parts or materials that utilize expiring exemptions that were not extended should immediately begin finding replacements and phasing out the use of those parts or materials.

GreenSoft can help with this process, including the sourcing of replacement parts. We can help you collect the substance data on your parts and format the data to meet the due diligence and documentation requirements of EU RoHS as defined by EN 50581 and EN IEC 63000.

Learn more about our EU RoHS Data Services or contact us today to get started.

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