GreenData Manager Software Features

GreenData Manager

  • Client/server-based, multiple-user application with centralized component databases (including the associated chemical substances for each component) documents, and regulation rules databases.
  • Supports three types of users: Administrators can add other users and assign user types; Regular users can edit component data; and READ-ONLY users can only view the status of a component or a BOM, and generate reports based on existing data in the database.
  • Reports the status of completeness on the collection of required data and documents. This provides a quick and easy way to determine what data and/or documents are missing from specific suppliers.
  • Validates the weights of subparts or components with the aggregation of weights of the associated substances. This provides a quick and easy way of to validate collected data.
  • Examines RoHS-2 exemption updates, and reports items with exemptions that have expired or will expire in the current year.
  • Provides quick compliance validation for EU RoHS-2, China RoHS, Norway PoHS, Halogen Free and REACH SVHC. You can also define your customers’ specific compliance requirements on components or BOMs/products.
  • Provides comprehensive substance analysis for any single substance or multiple substances on individual parts or BOMs.
  • Rolls up assemblies and products/BOMs to aggregate weight or ppm of a single substance or multiple substances.
  • Provides product-level SVHC analysis and exports reports to Excel.
  • Provides product-level full disclosure of chemical substances and exports reports to Excel or IPC-1752 Ver1.1 or IPC-1752A XML. Allows user to convert IPC-1752A XML files and integrate document links into HTML files. This enables easy viewing of IPC-1752A XML contents through a Web browser.
  • Performs effective document management with status monitoring of active or expiry, or expiry-in-30-days.
  • A Conflict Minerals Module is also available for generating CMRTs at company level, product/product-list level, or user-defined level.

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