GreenData Manager v93 Released

March 29, 2012|Written by GreenSoft Technology, Inc.

GreenData ManagerThe latest version of GDM adds some key features:

Since v87 in October 2011, GDM has exported to IPC-1752A XML format. We’ve extended the BOM level Product Disclosure Report in IPC-1752A from one type to 3 different types: (1)Single Part exports the BOM as single part with aggregated homogeneous materials; (2) Flat Parts List exports the BOM without BOM structure but with the unique parts list; (3) BOM with Structure exports the BOM with its original structure.

The Product Compliance Report now includes Product Compliance Status for EU RoHS. The status is based on compliance status roll-up, different than the substance aggregation, as GDM currently calculates. When product compliance status for EU-RoHS differs from substance aggregation status, the user will be alerted to the differences.

The GDM Substance Master now contains over 24,000 CAS numbers.

Updates reflecting recent changes to REACH Annex-17 and California Proposition 65.

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