GreenSoft and Barco Work Together to Develop a Solution for SCIP Database Submissions

June 25, 2020Written by GreenSoft Technology, Inc.

GreenSoft and Barco working together to develop a solution for SCIP Database submissions

REACH-SCIPBarco NV (“Barco”), a global leader in visualization and collaboration solutions, and GreenSoft Technology have launched a pilot program to develop and test a solution for new EU REACH Substances of Concern in Products (SCIP) Database submission requirements.

GreenSoft and Barco have been working together to test GreenSoft’s preparation of data for submission to the SCIP Database online portal.

Barco already utilizes GreenSoft’s data services and GreenData Manager® software for EU RoHS, EU REACH, and Conflict Minerals regulation compliance. Barco recently received a top 5% Gold rating for sustainability from the independent business sustainability ratings platform EcoVadis.

Larry Yen, President of GreenSoft, has issued the following statement regarding the SCIP Database pilot program with Barco:

“We are pleased to work directly with Barco on a pilot program for the development and testing of GreenSoft’s SCIP  compliance solution. Barco is a leader in sustainability, and with GreenSoft’s position in the supply chain between component/material suppliers and product producers, together we are uniquely positioned to establish a comprehensive SCIP solution.”

Jan Daem – ECO Officer at Barco said:

“For Barco it is essential to be ready for SCIP reporting without overloading the supply chain. We are pleased to setup a lean and pragmatic system that leverages FMD data with our partner GreenSoft. The setup will result in useful safe use instructions and speedy reporting.”

The pilot program is testing data preparation such as the name and safe use of articles with Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) over 0.1% w/w, the article and material category classifications, the linking of articles which contain reportable SVHCs in complex objects, the concentration range of the reportable SVHC within the reported article, and the determination of whether the article was produced or assembled in the European Union.

In addition to the SCIP Database Pilot Program collaboration, both GreenSoft and Barco are active members of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) SCIP IT User Group, a collection of industry stakeholders working with ECHA to ensure industry concerns are addressed in the final ECHA SCIP Database platform.

GreenSoft has also been engaging in person-to-person data collection to provide guidance and education to Barco’s suppliers to help improve response rates and data accuracy. Since the SCIP Database is still new to suppliers, we anticipate that the number of suppliers who will be capable of providing the required complex data (such as article category and material category from a pick list of 20,000 options) without errors will be small. GreenSoft’s person-to-person data collection model allows for validation not only of the presence of the data, but of the contextual content of the data as well.

After the pilot program period, GreenSoft will issue a wide-release of the SCIP Database solution. More information can be found online:

Read the full press release announcing the pilot program here.

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