GreenSoft Presents at ILTAM’s Conflict Minerals Conference in Tel Aviv

November 09, 2014|Written by GreenSoft Technology, Inc.

iltam steve photoLast week two GreenSoft employees traveled to Tel Aviv, Israel to present at the ILTAM conference on conflict minerals.

The Israeli Users’ Association of Advanced Technologies in Hi-Tec Integrated Systems (ILTAM) is a non-profit organization with the goal of encouraging companies to assimilate advanced technologies and new methodologies by bringing members together to exchange information, share knowledge, and discuss common problems.

The ILTAM hosted a conference on conflict minerals in Tel Aviv on October 29 through November 2. GreenSoft’s Sales and Marketing Director, Steve Schonebaum, presented two sessions at the conference: The End of the Conflict Minerals Transition Era, and Conflict Minerals – Legal Challenges, New Rules, and New SEC Sanctions. The goal of these two presentations was to inform attendees about the changing legal requirements surrounding conflict mineral legislation and how it affects companies’ responsibilities as manufacturers.

The overall consensus of the conference, as presented by Steve and the other speakers, was that conflict minerals legislation is here to stay, and 2014 is the last year for “Undeterminable” status so all manufacturers need to start thinking about due diligence.

Maintaining tracking records and obtaining CMRTs at closer to 100% completion, as well as validating this data, are critical steps for manufacturers to show their due diligence and declare their determination of conflict mineral statuses in 2015.

The interest level from attendees in compliance data services for conflict minerals was very high. Attendees were concerned about how the regulations could affect their companies and were excited about the prospect of working with a company like GreenSoft to help them prepare for their due diligence responsibilities. 

GreenSoft’s conflict minerals data gathering and validation services have proven effective and helpful for Israeli manufacturers in fulfilling their responsibility for conflict minerals compliance. Many Israeli and other manufacturers have already taken the steps necessary to prove due diligence by using GreenSoft’s services, and more manufacturers will be looking for such services in the coming years as conflict minerals legislation remains in effect. To learn more about GreenSoft’s conflict minerals services, visit our website

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