Introducing IPC-1752A Viewer by GreenSoft Technology, Inc.

IPC-1752A ViewerWhat is IPC-1752A Viewer?

IPC-1752A XML has become a key standard for electronics manufacturers to exchange compliance information and material declaration data. However, IPC-1752A XML files are not readable by people; they are meant to exchange data between computers.

For years, GreenSoft Technology has provided IPC-1752A Viewer integrated into our GreenData Manager (GDM) software that allows our customers to view IPC-1752A XML data in an easy-to-read HTML format. This tool has gained so much popularity with our customers by enabling them to exchange compliance data throughout their supply chain, that GreenSoft has decided to release a FREE web version of our IPC-1752A Viewer for public use!

How does it work?

GreenSoft Technology is offering IPC-1752A Viewer as a free website tool so all members of the environmental compliance industry can take their raw IPC-1752A XML data and convert it into a human readable format. The files are converted to a zipped HTML file that users can unzip and view through their Internet browser, without any software downloads or fees!

To access our IPC-1752A Viewer, navigate to the link below to create a free account. Then simply upload your file and click “Convert.” GreenSoft’s IPC-1752A Viewer will instantly convert your XML information into a zipped HMTL file in a readable format for you to review on your browser or download to share.

IPC-1752A Viewer Features:

  • Instantly converts imported IPC-1752A XML data files into a zipped HTML file that’s easily readable when unzipped.
  • Download converted zipped HTML files to share with other parties.
  • Accessible via Internet without software installation.
  • Data is not stored and remains confidential.
  • No charges or fees.

Created by GreenSoft Technology, Inc., the industry-leading provider of environmental compliance data services and software, the IPC-1752A Viewer is a FREE benefit to the entire environmental compliance industry!

For multiple IPC-1752A files and larger projects

IPC-1752A Viewer is also a built-in feature in our award-winning GreenData Manager (GDM) software, so all existing GreenSoft customers that use GDM already have this ability. For those who need to convert multiple IPC-1752A files or generate multiple IPC-1752A XML files from their suppliers’ data, please contact GreenSoft to receive a presentation on how our services and GDM software can streamline this process for you.

Convert your IPC-1752A XML files now! Get started here.



IPC-1752A Viewer by GreenSoft is not affiliated with IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries or any of its affiliates. IPC-1752A Viewer is a free tool created by GreenSoft Technology, Inc. for use by the general public in the electronics manufacturing and compliance industries to help improve supply chain communications.

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