IPC-1752A Viewer Allows You to View IPC-1752A Compliance Data Online

September 14, 2015|Written by GreenSoft Technology, Inc.

IPC-1752A Viewer GreenSoftGreenSoft Technology, Inc. is excited to announce the release of the new IPC-1752A Viewer, an easy-to-use online converter that turns IPC-1752A compliance data in XML format into a user-friendly readable format. No software installation is needed!

IPC-1752A XML has become the standard for electronics manufacturers to exchange compliance information and material declaration data. But IPC-1752A XML files are designed for exchange between machine to machine, and do not allow for a human eye to read the data.

GreenData Manager IPC-1752A Viewer enables you to read compliance information and material declaration data without downloading any software.

Just upload your file and click “Convert.” GreenData Manager IPC-1752A Viewer will instantly convert the XML information into a readable format for you to review or download.

IPC-1752A Viewer Features:

  • Instantly converts imported IPC-1752A XML data files into a readable HTML format.
  • Download converted HTML files to share with other parties.
  • Accessible via internet without software installation.
  • Data is not stored and remains confidential.
  • No charges or fees.

Created by GreenSoft Technology, Inc., the industry-leading provider of environmental compliance data services and software, GreenData Manager IPC-1752A Viewer is a FREE benefit to the entire environmental compliance industry.

Convert your IPC-1752A XML file now! Get started here.

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