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GreenSoft Company Brochure

GreenSoft Technology, Inc. Company Brochure

Data Services


Data Services for EU RoHS, EU REACH and more
Turnkey Service
NEW! SCIP Database Turnkey Service
Conflict Minerals Service
CA Prop 65 Data Services
Smelter or Refiner (SOR) Validation
Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking
EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR)
NEW! SCIP Database Solution
NEW! eCMA Forms for Boston Scientific Suppliers

GreenData Manager (GDM) Software Datasheets

GreenData Manager
GDM Desktop Edition
GDM Workgroup Edition
GDM Browser Edition
Hosted GDM
GDM Escalation Manager
GDM Engine
GDM Web Services

GreenData Manager (GDM) Add-On Modules

Conflict Minerals Module
iGDM Component Database Search
NEW! Component Disclosure Module
NEW! SCIP Database Solution
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