New Conflict Minerals module in GreenData Manager software

July 01, 2013|Written by GreenSoft Technology, Inc.

GreenData ManagerRelease 139 of GreenData Manager, available today, offers a way to manage conflict minerals data through the software. The Module allows you to:

  • Import EICC-GeSI forms (v2.0 and above; v1.0 does not cover required declaration and the smelter section is incomplete)
  • Provide a high-level summary on the completion percentage at the product (BOM) level or company level
  • Aggregate all data in EICC-GeSI forms and generate an EICC-GeSI form at the product (BOM) level or company level.
  • Generate a Grand Report for due diligence for all components in the Item Master or for selected BOMs. The Grand Report lists suppliers hyperlinked to EICC-GeSI forms. 
The Conflict Minerals module for GDM is an inexpensive way to manage EICC-GeSI forms. The Module is available for both Desktop and Workgroup editions of the software.
GreenSoft collects, validates and delivers EICC-GeSI forms for many customers. If you want, you can import EICC-GeSI forms you have already collected; the disadvantage, of course, is that GreenSoft will not have validated the forms.
Learn more about how GreenSoft can help you comply with Dodd-Frank here. You can also download the datasheet.
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