Product Upgrade: GreenData Manager-Conflict Minerals Module

October 15, 2014|Written by GreenSoft Technology, Inc.

GreenData ManagerWe have a new product upgrade to announce this week: the GreenData Manager-Conflict Minerals Module now supports the conversion of conflict minerals data between CFSI CMRT 3.0/3.01 forms and IPC-1755 XML data.

Established in April 2014, the IPC-1755 data exchange standard was developed after the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) adopted conflict minerals legislation in September 2012. IPC-1755 helps suppliers and OEMs exchange conflict minerals data along the entire supply chain.

GreenData Manager’s Conflict Minerals Module is a powerful add-on that allows users to gather, validate and manage their conflict minerals supply chain data for due diligence documentation, as well as generate the company level or BOM level Conflict Minerals declaration in either CFSI CMRT format or IPC-1755 XML format.

Larry Yen, President of GreenSoft Technology, states: “This upgrade allows electronics manufacturers to use the most updated IPC standards for their conflict minerals declaration, making their due diligence documentation process quick and easy for annual reporting requirements.”

Using IPC-1755 format standards, GreenData Manager software allows suppliers to submit the conflict minerals declaration data in IPC-1755 XML files, and allows manufacturers to generate company level, product/product-list level or user defined level files in IPC-1755 XML format, so that the data exchange among upstream suppliers or downstream customers can be achieved fast and easy.

If you use GreenData Manager, contact your Project Manager to download the software upgrade. Learn more about GreenData Manager here.

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