Sections of China’s RoHS Legislation Updated or On-Hold For Revisions

February 02, 2015|Written by GreenSoft Technology, Inc.

China RoHSLast month, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued updates to part of China’s RoHS legislation as well as a Stay of Execution for other parts.

The new labeling standard (SJ/T 11364-2014) took effect on January 2, 2015, and expands the product scope from electronic information products (EIPs) to all electric and electronic products (EEPs). The new standard replaces the previous standard (SJ/T 11364-2006). Currently product labeling for EEPs under China RoHS is voluntary, but as China RoHS undergoes continued revisions, EEP labeling may become a requirement.

Meanwhile, another part of the legislation, Electronic Information Products Pollution Control Regulations (SJ/T 11364-2014), is currently being revised by Ministry management. The ministry has issued a hold on the execution of this legislation until revisions are complete.

During revisions to China RoHS, two related legislations – Electrical and Electronic Products Labeling Requirements Restricting the Use of Hazardous Substances (SJ/T 11364-2014) and Electronic Information Products Pollution Control Marking Requirements (SJ/T 11364-2006) remain in effect.

For more information on China’s RoHS regulation, visit the Chinese government website.

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