Conflict Minerals Module

conflict minerals

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The GreenData Manager (GDM) Conflict Minerals Module is the perfect tool for managing your conflict mineral data and generating reports with our built-in templates.

  •  Install the Conflict Minerals Module on top of GDM with a separate license code.
  • Import Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT) forms.
  • Create CMRTs at company, product family, division, or product (BOM) level by aggregating the conflict minerals data and smelter information from the CMRTs collected from the suppliers.
  • Generate a due diligence report for your company or for a group of BOMs by showing the list of suppliers and hyperlinks to the associated CMRT forms.
  • Generate  a smelter analysis report for your company or for a group of BOMs by showing alerts on smelters/mines with unknown status or smelters/mines from Covered Countries or U.S.-sanctioned countries.

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Let Us Do the Collection For You

GreenSoft also provides CMRT data gathering, validation and review for your Reasonable Country of Origin Inquiries (RCOIs). Learn more about our Conflict Minerals data services.