Escalation Manager

Try GreenData Manager Escalation Manager for Compliance Project Management

GDM Escalation ManagerIncrease productivity and manage tasks with this easy and flexible project management and collaboration tool!

GreenData Manager Escalation Manager (GDM-EM) enables communication between your engineers and GreenSoft’s engineers to manage escalated issues on your product compliance project.

When you have multiple team members working on your product compliance project, GDM-EM makes it easy to share work, manage tasks, and resolve project issues.

GDM-EM promotes the completeness of data collection and speeds up the time for resolving escalated issues.

Power to Manage Complex Projects and Collaborate in Real-Time

With GDM-EM, managers can easily prioritize tasks, make assignments, and get real-time updates on progress. Plan, track and collaborate with this cloud-based centralized project management solution. GDM-EM enables communication between your team and GreenSoft’s team to ensure your product compliance project is completed accurately and timely.

GDM-EM Feature Highlights

GDM-EM compliments Hosted GDM and GDM Browser Edition of GreenSoft’s award-winning GreenData Manager software and GreenSoft’s data collection and validation services.

GDM-EM provides:

  • Access for multiple concurrent users with secure login ID and password.
  • Email notifications when new issues are posted at the Escalation Manager database.
  • Workflow based processing –workflow token is circulated between GreenSoft engineers and your engineers until the issues are resolved.
  • Quick access to escalated issues based on escalated categories or other criteria such as manufacturer name, manufacturer part number, etc.
  • Ability to assign issues to users and change assignments until the task is resolved.
  • Bulk resolution abilities for issues from the same category or the same manufacturer.
  • Ability to save reference documents and assign them to escalated issues.
Environmental compliance software screenshot

Sample screenshot of the Action Panel in GreenData Manager Escalation Manager

GreenSoft Technology: A Trusted Partner

GreenSoft has 18+ years of experience in managing compliance data and has a broad range of expertise in active and passive components, electrical and mechanical parts, packing and printing materials, and raw materials including organic or non-organic chemicals. GreenSoft has relationships with over 42,000 suppliers worldwide and is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001 certified.

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