GDM Systems Integration

Seamless Integration with PLM/ERP/CIS Systems

GreenData Manager® (GDM) software fully integrates with your existing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and/or Component Information Services (CIS) system through GDM Engine or GDM Web Services.

Enable seamless integration and communication between GDM software and your existing PLM/ERP/CIS system so that you can manage and update your parts, Bills of Material (BOMs), and other data between both systems from a single point of data entry.

GDM Engine and GDM Web Services are must-have tools to help you reduce duplication, confusion, and project time, allowing for a smooth and simple data management process between systems.

Enable your PLM/ERP system to communicate with GDM software to perform actions such as:

  • Export Services – Compliance Reports, Failure Analysis Reports, etc.
  • Import Services – Import of BOMs, Parts, Material Composition Data, etc.
  • Utility Services – Update, Deletion of BOMs, Parts, Documents, etc.
GDM Engine

GDM Engine example: clicking on the links within your ERP/PLM system will take you to the corresponding report pages in GDM

 How it Works

GDM Engine uses hyperlinks within your existing ERP/PLM system to connect with GDM Browser Edition (GDM-BE) or Hosted GDM. Users can view the Product, BOM report, and detail pages, or the item/component detail page within GDM by clicking a link in their ERP/PLM system.

This means you won’t have to navigate through GDM to find information related to the data you were viewing in your ERP/PLM system. Instead, simply click a hyperlink that will appear in a column on your ERP/PLM report tables to take you directly to the corresponding data page within GDM.

GDM Web Services is an fully automated data exchange system. Once GDM Web Services is installed and configured, the data stored in GDM will appear directly in your ERP/PLM system and will be updated in real-time. This means you never have to exit your ERP/PLM system in order to view the green compliance data in GDM.

Your IT department will configure GDM Web Services with guidance from GreenSoft using program codes that will then enable your ERP/PLM system to display data from within GDM. GDM Web Services is an ASP.NET Framework 3.5 web application and is hosted in IIS.

The module uses Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) to exchange messages between your existing PLM/ERP/CIS system and GDM Browser Edition (GDM-BE) or Hosted GDM. Simple programmable codes are used to enable dozens of different processes and message exchanges between the software systems.

gdm web services

Diagram showing the typical setup of GDM Web Services

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