Compliance Data Management Software for component manufacturers and raw material suppliers

Upgrade from using complex spreadsheets for data management to using simple and advanced software purposely-designed for compliance and materials management.

green data softwareGreenData Manager (GDM) software maintains your parts and materials data with customizable aggregation and reporting capabilities.

GDM is one of the only software solutions on the market that is tailored to raw material and component suppliers.

Store data and documents, perform compliance validation, run substance analysis and reports, customized your rules and regulations, and more.

Plus, experience the benefits of GreenSoft’s extensive component & materials database. Just send us your materials list and we will provide you with Certificate of Compliance statements for most of your parts so that your data collection time is significantly reduced.

We provide 100% project completion. If the compliance status of a material is unknown, we assess compliance based on plating techniques, specifications, documents, and standard industry practices.


Built-in Regulations and Custom Rules

GDM provides coverage for dozens of regulations including:

  • Lifecycle status information
  • RoHS-2
  • REACH Annex-17
  • FMD data
  • Halogen-Free and Low Halogen
  • IEC 62474
  • Low Antimony Trioxide (Sb2O3)
  • Low Beryllium (Be)
  • Your own unique material files or custom rules
  • And many more


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Avoid the Exponential Cost of Internally Managing Compliance

The seemingly simple task of managing a few dozen substances can quickly turn into a time and cost intensive project.

component materials assessment

Utilizing GreenSoft’s Component Database with up-to-date data on millions of parts can significantly reduce the length of the project and the internal cost.

GreenData Manager (GDM) Features

GreenData Manager (GDM) is flexible and customizable for your company needs. GDM comes in three on-premise editions depending on your company’s size, which can be installed behind your company’s own firewall to meet ITAR and other security requirements. Or try our cloud-based Hosted GDM solution, which can be accessed by your users from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

GDM can be set to run aggregation reports at scheduled intervals. And when your annual MSDS or test reports are scheduled to expire soon, GDM will notify you ahead of time so you can reach out to your supplier for updates. (BONUS: with GreenSoft’s Data Services, we will collect this information from your suppliers for you!)

GDM fully integrates with your PLM, ERP, or PDM systems. And GDM provides fast implementation and a friendly user interface with Auto Data Download and Auto Import for easy compliance management.

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