Hosted GreenData Manager

Hosted GDMHosted GreenData Manager (Hosted GDM) is a comprehensive solution for companies that need to manage RoHS-2, REACH SVHC, and other regulation compliance across multiple locations.

GreenSoft has developed this new platform for the award-winning GreenData Manager software so that customers can now access data through an online virtual server from anywhere in the world.

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Skip the Technical Headaches with Hosted GDM

Your BOM data will be hosted on GreenSoft’s online virtual server for access through Hosted GDM by members of your organization or subcontractors you may want to share your data with.

Users can access Hosted GDM from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. This makes Hosted GDM ideal for companies with multiple users needing to share compliance data across multiple locations.

Since GreenSoft is hosting the data on our online virtual server, there are no technical headaches for you to deal with.

  • IT Administration: GreenSoft will take care of the installation, implementation and maintenance, so that you’re free to focus on solving green compliance issues.
  • Data Collection: GreenSoft will perform data collection from your supply chain for you so that you’re working with high-quality, accurate data. GreenSoft will validate the data and follow up with suppliers for clarification and corrections. Final data will be uploaded into your organization’s Hosted GDM database.

Hosted GDM is ideal for companies that permit a BOM to be uploaded to an online virtual server, while GDM Browser Edition is ideal for companies with security policies that do not permit uploading a BOM to any web applications.

Click here to view a comparison chart between GDM Browser Edition and GDM Hosted.

Share High Quality Data Quickly and Securely

Hosted GDM enables companies to share environmental compliance data for products and components in real-time across multiple locations. Each user will have access to search for compliance information for all your parts and BOM lists, and will be able to:

  • Report the completeness status on collected data or documents.
  • Report the compliance status on all parts or BOMs.
  • Generate compliance reports for EU RoHS-2, China RoHS, Norway PoHS, Halogen-Free, REACH Annex-14, REACH Annex-17, REACH SVHC and many other regulations. Or define your own compliance rules per your customers’ requirements.

User-Friendly Compliance Data Management

The convenient, easy-to-use features of GreenData Manager – Browser Edition are carried over into Hosted GDM.

  • Extend green data compliance management across the enterprise through common browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox.
  • Import and export the component compliance data through Excel, IPC-1752 v1.1 XML, IPC-1752A XML, or IEC 62474 XML (export only) formats. 
  • Schedule the generation of compliance reports for a BOM or for all BOMs at a later date and time.
  • Schedule recurrence of the BOM-level compliance report generation per day, week or month.
  • Import compliance data automatically and import BOMs from ERP/PLM automatically (optional).

Request a Demo to get started with Hosted GDM

Affordably priced packages for Hosted GDM are based on the number of users. Starter packages are available with 3, 5 or 10 users, and packages can be increased in 5-user batches thereafter.

All software purchases include two hours of personalized training and access to GreenSoft’s Customer Support Center. Call +1-323-254-5961 or email to request more info.