iGDM component database searchiGDM Component Database Search

Now you can access GreenSoft’s extensive components database from anywhere via the Internet!

Allow your engineering and product design staff to qualify parts instantly by searching for matches from millions of parts.

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Instant Access to Compliance Status from Multi-Million Parts Database

iGDM is an add-on module for GreenData Manager (GDM) Browser Edition (GDM-BE) or Hosted GDM that allows you to:

  • Access up-to-date information for millions of parts with compliance information.
  • Immediately see the RoHS and REACH SVHC compliance status of parts so that your engineering team can make product design decisions in real-time.
  • Access database online from anywhere with an Internet connection through the GDM application.
  • Search database using a single part number (PN) or search multiple PNs at once.


How it Works

iGDM is just as user-friendly and intuitive as the award winning GDM software. Simply select one or more parts to search for using the Manufacturer PN, as seen below:

iGDM screenshot

Once the search result is returned, iGDM will present the number of parts found within the your own company’s parts database and the number of parts not found in the company database.

From there, you can view the compliance status of the unmatched parts using data pulled from GreenSoft’s component database:

iGDM Parts Lookup

After you have reviewed the searched parts from the iGDM database with compliance status, you can add those parts to the data collection and processing pool. GreenSoft will then add the chosen parts, with compliance status and compliance documents, into the GDM software for you.

Try iGDM Today

iGDM gives your engineering and product design team the parts information they need to make design decisions in real-time. Contact us today at +1-323-254-5961 or request information online to get started.

iGDM demo