On-Premise GreenData Manager® Software

The Challenge: Managing Data and Generating Reports

GreenData_ManagerManufacturers have unique reporting requirements under global environmental compliance regulations and directives like EU REACH, EU RoHS, California Proposition 65, Conflict Minerals, and the SCIP Database.

The best practice for environmental compliance management is to collect full material disclosure data (FMD) for all components from suppliers. But how do you manage the data? How do you use the data to prove compliance? And how do you share that information across the enterprise?

The Solution: GreenData Manager® Data Management & Report Generation Software

GreenData Manager® (GDM) is a powerful software solution for manufacturers to manage the collection and storage of compliance data and documents, and perform compliance validation, substance analysis and reporting for 24 built-in regulations like EU REACH, EU RoHS, and California Proposition 65, or build your own rules.

Benefits of GreenData Manager® Software

  • Flexible solution for your company with Desktop Edition for small/mid-sized companies, Workgroup Edition for mid-sized companies, Browser Edition for global enterprises. Learn which edition is right for you.  
  • Fast implementation and friendly user interface with Auto Data Download and Auto BOM Import for easy compliance management.
  • Much more affordable than Green compliance modules offered with some PLM or ERP systems. Easy integration into your existing workflow with PLM or ERP system. Read the “Data Exchange Between GreenData Manager and ERP/PLM/PDM Systems” white paper.
  • Software is installed behind your company firewall so BOM-level security is protected per your company’s security policy. 
  • Central storage location for all your component and BOM substance data, compliance data and documents, compliance reports and regulation requirements.
  • License based solution so you own the software and you also own the data.

Easy Integration with GreenSoft’s Data Services

Complying with environmental regulations and directives is impossible without reliable data. With GreenSoft’s Data Services, you can be sure that your parts data are always current and comprehensive, accurate and complete. GreenSoft’s data management process is ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

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Or see a full list of GreenData Manager® (GDM) features and download the Desktop Edition, Workgroup Edition, Browser Edition, and Hosted GDM data sheets here.