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List of IPC-1752A Verified Solution P...

List of IPC-1752A Verified Solution Providers for 2015 released

March 08, 2016 |Written by GreenSoft Technology, Inc. IPC-1752A Data Standard Verified Solution Providers In 2014 the IPC association introduced an annual review process to determine a list of Verified Solution Providers for the IPC 1752A standard. The IPC-1752A standard allows for data to be transmitted through a supply chain in a standardized format. The IPC association relies on […]

IPC-1752A Viewer in GDM

IPC-1752A Viewer in GDM

Update, September 14, 2015: GreenSoft Technology, Inc. is excited to announce the release of IPC-1752A Viewer as an online tool for the general public to use without purchasing or installing software! Check it out here. October 10, 2012|Written by GreenSoft Technology, Inc. The most recent release of GreenData Manager now has an IPC-1752A Viewer. The Viewer enables GDM users […]