View On-Demand: How Design for Environment Can Benefit Your Business

March 30, 2015|Written by GreenSoft Technology, Inc.

design for environmenLeading OEMs are innovating in order to reduce environmental impact. Why?

1) Import and export to certain countries, including leading markets like the U.S. and EU, require compliance with environmental regulations.
2) Adoption of sustainable practices is proven to increase brand equity. Consumers are increasing demand for ethical products.
3) Corporate Social Responsibility must include environmental consideration in a world with limited resources.
4) Design for Environment (DfE) reduces costs of the entire product lifecycle.

As product- and region-specific environmental legislation like Conflict Minerals, REACH SVHC, and RoHS-2 continue to emerge and change, OEMs must position themselves to gain market share and minimize risk.

Creation Technologies, Technology Forecasters, and GreenSoft Technology teamed up in March 2015 to provide an end-to-end view of sustainability that helps you improve your bottom line, and design electronic products to withstand the test of time and comply with continually changing regulations. 

The presentation is now archived and available to watch anytime! For more information, contact, or visit the webinar resources webpage.

Click play to watch the DfE webinar:


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