View the EU REACH “Once an Article, Always an Article” Webinar On-Demand

March 12, 2019|Written by GreenSoft Technology, Inc.

Recording of webinar now available: Solving the EU REACH “Once an Article, Always an Article” Problem

greendata manager software company Pasadena, CAWe recently hosted a webinar on the changes to the definition of an “article” under the EU REACH regulation: “Solving the EU REACH ‘Once an Article, Always an Article’ Problem.”

Hosted by Randy Flinders, this webinar explained the ruling by the European Court of Justice that changed the method for calculating EU REACH Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) levels in articles. Randy provided case studies and detailed examples of article calculations using the new article definition.

The webinar also provided a peak into our GreenData Manager software which has been updated to deal with the challenges of this regulation change. Under the new definition of an article, companies need to evaluate SVHCs at the article level of a component or product rather than at the component or product level. GreenData Manager software now allows users to dynamically apply article designations for each material present in a part, and has the capability to process complex articles made of multiple materials within the part so that users can comply with the regulation changes.

View a recording of the webinar to ensure you are using the correct calculation method when evaluating your EU REACH SVHC levels going forward. And remember that GreenSoft can manage these challenges and do your substance calculations for you with our EU REACH Data Services.

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