Technical Documentation for Environmental Compliance

July 20, 2021Written by GreenSoft Technology, Inc.

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Technical Documentation for Environmental Compliance reviews the different types of documentation that may be collected to comply with various regulations, including EU RoHS, EU REACH, and California Proposition 65.

When complying with such environmental regulations, it is necessary to collect documentation from suppliers of parts and materials used to manufacture your products. These documents can be used to perform due diligence on your products to ensure they comply with environmental regulations, but only if the documents meet specific requirements. This White Paper will review those requirements and explain what specific information your collected documentation should include.

Visit our White Paper Library to download this valuable resource that can be used to support your environmental compliance projects.

GreenSoft performs data collection from suppliers for you

As part of our Data Services, we can collect documentation on your parts and materials from your suppliers on your behalf. We validate that documentation for completion and accuracy, and we make sure all the required data points are included.

Our Data Services provide coverage for multiple regulations, including EU RoHS, EU REACH, SCIP Database, California Proposition 65, Conflict Minerals, EU Medical Devices Regulation (EU MDR), US Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), and many more, including custom requirements.

We guarantee a data quality of 99.9% accuracy, and provide our customers with a 100% project completion rate. All while managing the supplier communication and data validation for you.

Learn more about how our Data Services can help your company by contacting us.

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