GreenSoft Partners with RoHS Management in Europe

January 23, 2018 |Written by GreenSoft Technology, Inc.

GreenSoft Partners with RoHS Management Oy to provide compliance solutions to Nordic countries and other countries in Europe

RoHS Management

GreenSoft is excited to announce our partnership with RoHS Management Oy to provide compliance solutions and services to Nordic countries as well as other countries in Europe.

Since October 2017, RoHS Management has been providing data collection, validation and reporting to its customers through GreenSoft, as well as providing its customers with GreenSoft’s GreenData Manager (GDM) software.

RoHS Management is based in Finland and is operated by Juhana Jaatinen, CEO. Before founding RoHS Management, Jaatinen worked as the Health, Safety and Environment Manager of a large industrial plant in Finland. There he routinely had customers ask for help with their material compliance and provide documents to prove compliance, which prompted Jaatinen to start his own company.

RoHS Management focuses on practical content to help customers understand which regulations are critical to their product offerings, and providing guidance in material compliance management with GreenSoft’s data services and software solutions, as well as assisting customers in using this new capability in their daily operations.

Regarding the partnership of RoHS Management and GreenSoft, Jaatinen says: “Material compliance is the foundation – data is everything when investigating prohibited substances in a product. That’s why my partner in material data is GreenSoft Technology, which specializes also in custom parts (including plastics, metals, and inductives) in addition to commodity parts (transistors, resistors, etc). With GreenSoft data collection services and software, all parts of the product can be covered.”

GreenSoft’s President, Larry Yen, says: “The GreenSoft team is excited about the new partnership with RoHS Management. This partnership will enable GreenSoft to service the Finland, Sweden and Norway markets locally and, together with RoHS Management, to provide the superior data quality and compliance software that we are known for.”

For more information on RoHS Management, visit Download the press release of this announcement here.

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